Conical capture system


CCS system (Conical Capture System)

The CCS system is a special accessory, positioned internally at precise points in the textile and metal diffusers, which improves and corrects the "tangential" component of the air coming out the perforations. It is available in various diameters from 300mm to 1000mm, even for existing diffusers. In the picture alongside, the first duct does not have the CCS accessory while the second does.

Accessory applicable to high induction diffusing ducts:

oneair diffusion conical capture system ccs 1

Features and benefits of CCS system

➤ Better tangential component

This system improves and corrects the tangential component of the air flow by reducing it by 50%.

➤ Better static pressure

Thanks to the improvement of the static pressure there is a consequent 90 ° exit of the air from the holes.

➤ Smoother residual speeds

The system makes the residual speeds uniform at man height over the entire length of the diffuser.