Perfect indoor air quality for any environment

The engineering and design know-how accumulated over the years allow us to propose a customized technical and aesthetic solution

With our HVAC solutions we take air distribution to a whole new level. Technological advances allow us to design state-of-the-art air distribution and dispersion systems for almost all possible applications, improve performance and complete interior design.

Public facilities

Health and comfort are essential in public facilities and OneAir contributes to raising indoor air quality with its air distribution solutions.

➤ Hospitals

➤ Universities and schools

Business activities

OneAir solutions are the ideal choice for commercial facilities as they create unparalleled comfort thanks to a tailor-made airflow and a touch of style that integrates seamlessly into the interior design.

➤ Shopping malls, supermarkets and shops

➤ Restaurants and cafés

➤ Showroom and offices

Sports and entertainment facilities

Whether the occupants are actively practicing or watching a game, our range of air distribution solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of each space, creating a perfect environment and unprecedented comfort.

➤ Stadiums and sports halls

➤ Pools

➤ Gyms and fitness centres

Industrial environments

Design and manufacture diffusers in metal, fabric or technopolymer, allows us to respond to all industrial applications with the most suitable product. From food processing to clean rooms, our systems contribute to the health and comfort of all occupants.

➤ Food processing

➤ Production and manufacture

➤ Warehouses and distribution centres

We bring together design, production and technical advice to offer a complete reference point, strong experience and know-how to accompany you in the realization of your project.