The future is in the air

We are a young growing company that lays the foundations on the twenty-year experience of its team

We design and manufacture innovative systems for the distribution of air in the environment through micro-perforated textile, metal and technopolymer diffusers for the industrial and civil sectors. We study each project applying technology and experience, a combination that supports us every day and that allows us to offer the customer a range of products made to measure..

Innovating and spreading well-being among people.

We offer comfort and well-being to people, going through the future of the design and implementation of air diffusion systems

OneAir was born in Verona in 2016, from the desire to realize the twenty-year experience of the founding members in the field of air diffusion systems. The meeting of different skills, coming from the design, construction and marketing of plants and components, has allowed to develop immediately an approach oriented to the research and development of innovative solutions and improvements compared to what is already on the market. This is how, in a few years, OneAir stands out in Italy and abroad with its micro-perforated fabric, metal and technopolymer diffusers and with many other solutions and exclusive patent products OneAir. Our added value? Thanks to an experienced team and the technology available, we design and manufacture the entire range in-house. In this way, we can start from the needs of the customer to propose customized systems for each project.

The values that distinguish us

Consulting. We do not provide standard products, but solutions tailored to the customer.
Synergy. We believe that teamwork is crucial to win every small or big challenge.
Innovation. We are always looking for innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions.
Support. We support you at every stage of your purchase process.
Know-how. The experience that sustains us is for us a source of inspiration and comparison.
Dynamism. We look to the future with a spirit of innovation by proposing different exclusive patent products.
Commitment. We support the research and development of new systems to improve people’s comfort.

Where we are in the world

We are a young company in evolution so we always welcome proposals for new partnerships and growth opportunities. Our headquarters in Italy allows us to be present throughout Europe; this is the starting point from which we extend our commitment to the progressive development of a worldwide sales network, always through the establishment of relations of representation and distribution.

Each order is made to measure and the design is tailored

The flexibility and technology available allow us to realize every project quickly while the state-of-the-art machinery and qualified personnel take care of the details.