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OneAir: evolving technology

We design and manufacture innovative systems for the diffusion of air in the environment. We study every project applying technology and experience, a combination that supports us every day and that allows us to offer a range of products tailored to meet every need. With our commitment to research and development of new HVAC solutions, we have perfected the know-how to bring air distribution to a whole new level: the progress is realized in the design of systems with variable geometry but also in proposals for new solutions.

We offer a wide range of air diffusion technologies to better meet the needs of each project.

Inducta. Product line born and based on the principle of entrainment: that thanks to their ability to "multiply" the air volumes injected, Inducta ducting allow a good mixing of the air ensuring homogeneity of the environmental conditions. The products of the Inducta line find their ideal application in uniform environments, which do not present particular obstacles or complex shapes and for low installation heights.

Movimenta-VAV. The study of the Movimenta series led to the development of the Movimenta-VAV system, introduced to allow an adjustment of the operating parameters in the Induced Movement diffusers. It is therefore the evolution of the Movimenta series that combines advanced design with greater flexibility typical of variable geometry systems.

Lumina. This line meets the need to combine the lighting system and air diffusion in a single product, generating two lines with patented technology: advanced technopolymer diffusers and metal diffusers with integrated LED light.

Movimenta. Gamma of advanced design ducts optimized to exploit the physical phenomenon of Induced Movement. Thanks to their particular operation they allow to overcome the limits of simple induction, creating controlled movements of the ambient air mass, in order to effectively treat large environments, with the presence of obstacles, with irregular shapes and special needs.

Vari-D. The patented Vari-D system was introduced to overcome the limitations of fixed geometry ducts. Thanks to the possibility to vary the conditions inside the duct, it is possible to achieve performance and functionality impossible for other fixed geometry diffusion systems, designed for pre-set operating conditions.

Omnia. Last expression of research and development OneAir based on a modern concept that sees the plant as a single organ characterized by the continuous interaction of its parts instead of a simple series of elements side by side.

Consult the application of technologies to the various types of microperforated ducts, considering the OneAir energy efficiency index.