Catering environments

Restaurants and cafés

In some environments, aesthetics is the keystone of a project, the fundamental element on which to study the whole configuration of the treatment system. The possibility to choose between multiple types of ducts, different materials and many finishes allows to offer a wide range of choice to designers and architects. Each diffuser has its own characteristics related to the material of which it is composed but the distribution of the air through the microperforated diffusers generally guarantees performance much higher than the diffusion through traditional systems, with the additional advantage of being much cheaper when compared in terms of transport, installation, maintenance and especially energy savings.

High-tech air diffusion systems

Guarantee of the comfort of people. The objective of a correct diffusion study is the guarantee of the comfort of the people present in every room.
Versatile aesthetic solution. The diffusers of each material can have any color of the RAL scale to offer an aesthetic note in total insertion with respect to the design of the room.

Uniform air distribution. All spaces are treated homogeneously according to requirements.
Silent diffusion. Thanks to an adequate size of the diffusers and correct study of the drilling, the outgoing air flow can be extremely quiet.

Choose the best aesthetic solution for optimal air treatment

High quality air distribution can go hand in hand with aesthetics. Discover below the product lines and their features for more information.

Other systems and technologies available for your project

Discover other solutions to give a breath of innovation to your project.


Omnia is the latest expression of OneAir research and development, based on a modern concept that sees the plant as a single organ characterized by the continuous interaction and communication of its parts instead of a simple series of elements side by side.


The transparency of the technopolymer allows the air diffusion system to be integrated with the lighting system. Through a white or multicolor LED, placed inside the diffusion, this product can suggest pleasant and effective solutions in environments where aesthetics play a fundamental role.

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