Metal microperforated ducts

Metal microperforated ducts

OneAir metal micro-perforated diffusers are the perfect solution to combine air diffusion for maximum comfort and aesthetic and architectural requirements of the project. Thanks to the numerous finishes available, the micro-perforated metal diffuser is an aesthetically pleasing product and therefore a piece of furniture totally integrated into the environment in which it is installed. Our range of metal materials provides the best raw materials, covering the range of metals most used in construction and thus offering a wide variety of finishes to ensure excellent adaptability to all types of application. A careful study of the technical characteristics and a precise calibration of the drilling ensure a silent air diffusion and avoid the presence of condensation on the diffuser surface.


➤ Any length possible thanks to the modular system
➤ Modules of length 1.230mm joined with collar
➤ Available diameters from 200mm to 1.600mm


➤ Logo application by micro-perforation
➤ Anti-corrosion treatment to protect the sheet
➤ White or RGB dimmable LED light

Available finishes

One-MZ. Hot dip galvanized steel

One-AL. Aluminium alloy

One-AI. Inox AISI 430/304/316

Colours available for pre-painted and painted finish

Available shapes



Quarter circle


Features and benefits

Aesthetics. The numerous finishes available and the possibility of painting the diffusers with any color of the RAL scale make these products aesthetically pleasing but above all transform them into furnishing elements totally integrated in the environments where they are installed..

Longevity. The metal duct is, by its intrinsic properties, an extremely long-lasting product, regardless of the finish, thanks to the quality of the raw material and the coating applied.

Absence of condensation. Thanks to the precise calibration of the drilling, the high-speed air output ("high induction" effect) creates a vacuum zone around the entire diffuser, thus avoiding contact between ambient air and the cold surface of the duct and consequently the presence of condensation.

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