Vari-D: the advanced air diffusion system

Air diffusion variation system

Vari-D is a patented system of the latest technology that aims to ensure the uniformity of air temperature in the area occupied by people in air-conditioned environments both in the heating, air conditioning or ventilation alone, all in full compliance with UNI 10339 - EN 13182.

The patented OneAir Vari-D system has been introduced to overcome the limits of fixed geometry ducts and consists of a diffuser with different types of independent perforations (variable geometry), a module with a regulation system, actuators, sensors and a controller developed internally that reads the input values of the sensors and controls the actuators by regulating the emission of air from the various holes. Thanks to the possibility to vary the conditions inside the duct, it is possible to achieve performance and functionality impossible for other fixed geometry diffusion systems, designed for pre-set operating conditions.


➤ Customizable comfort and terminal air velocities

➤ Fewer ducts in the room

➤ Handling of variable airflow

➤ Maximum energy savings

OneAir Sustainability Rating (OSR)

Air velocity control in the environment

Vari-D was born from OneAir’s desire to allow the user to control the terminal air speeds in the environment. Thanks to the high-level technological realization, the achievement of this goal leads to several results including maximum environmental comfort in all conditions, the obtaining of particular performance for specific needs, the customization of thermo-hygrometric conditions, constant or variable airflow rate.


➤ Customizable level of comfort personalizzabile

➤ Perfect diffusion in different conditions

➤ Faster start-up time

➤ Differentiation of winter/summer regimes

Fewer ducts

Induction ducts can reduce the number of components in the air diffusion system. However, such diffusers have a limited launch range. With the Vari-D system this phenomenon is pushed to the extreme: thanks to the know-how and the skilful design of the drilling combined with the computerized management of the Vari-D, it is possible to minimize the number of ducts in the room, up to have even one duct in the whole space of interest.


➤ Minimisation of the elements

➤ Lowered installation time

➤ Perfect diffusion even in extreme conditions

➤ Reduced installation and management costs

Maximum energy savings

With integrated mechatronic management, Vari-D is able to change its configuration to adapt to conditions and scenarios that vary over time. With the possibility of programming custom modes, you can create a high induction rate so as to quickly reach the desired room temperature, maximizing energy efficiency.
Thanks to the OneControl control system, Vari-D always guarantees maximum performance in scenarios: variable flow, reduced flow, seasonal conditions. All this guarantees less electrical absorption of the fans and therefore maximum energy savings.


➤ Management of variable conditions

➤ Full integration into VAV systems

➤ Constant performance and comfort

➤ Maximum energy savings

Choose the configuration to apply the most suitable technology for your project

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