Storage of goods

Warehouses and distribution centres

The use of micro-perforated diffusers in large warehouses, sometimes at low temperatures, ensures uniform air distribution and product preservation. In production areas or department stores, you often encounter impressive storage facilities, precision machinery and large installation heights, the know-how and technology available to our technical department allows us to study a customized diffusion to effectively treat each space and meet the specific needs of the project. In addition, storage and logistics facilities have many employees who carry out their daily activities. In order to ensure ideal working conditions, the air distribution systems must constantly operate at maximum performance.

High-tech air diffusion systems

Residual speed control. In order to maintain the quality of the material in the warehouse, it is advisable to have a maximum mastery of the speeds in the environment.
Absence of condensation. Thanks to the precise calibration of the drilling, contact between ambient air and the cold surface of the duct is avoided, therefore the presence of condensation.

Maintaining temperatures in the environment. Depending on the material in stock it is necessary to maintain a comfortable temperature without alterations.
Versatile aesthetic solution. Ducts of each material can have any color of the RAL scale to offer an aesthetic note if necessary.

Choose the best aesthetic solution for optimal air treatment

High quality air distribution can go hand in hand with aesthetics. Discover below the product lines and their features for more information.

Other systems and technologies available for your project

Discover other solutions to give a breath of innovation to your project.


Product line born and based on the principle of entrainement: these are diffusers that thanks to their ability to "multiply" the air volumes injected allow a good mixing of the air ensuring homogeneity of the environmental conditions.


The study and improvement of the Movimenta series has led to the development of the Movimenta-VAV system, which has been introduced to allow a regulation of the operating parameters in the Induced Movement ducts.

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