Exclusive patent systems

Experience and innovation for optimal air distribution

In the constant search for innovation in products and materials, OneAir enriches its range of micro-perforated ducts and air distribution systems alongside its patents. In this way we are able to offer our customers new and additional solutions that are even more adaptable to the needs of aesthetics and functionality.

A new arrival on the market that improves the advantages of other existing lines such as aesthetics, washability and lightness ensuring an aesthetically pleasing and technically effective result.

This system with internal LED lights completely integrates the lighting system with that of air conditioning eliminating the ceiling lights of a room.

Its innovation lies in the ability to change the temperature of the air ensuring uniformity in the area occupied by people in air-conditioned environments during heating, air conditioning or ventilation.

Omnia is the latest expression of OneAir research and development, based on a modern concept that sees the plant as a single organ characterized by the continuous interaction of its parts instead of a simple series of elements side by side.