Fitness and wellness

Swimming pools and fitness centres

The pools represent an example of installation typical of microperforated diffusers, in fabric, technopolymer or metal specifically treated, our materials are resistant and suitable for these types of environments, also the possibility of customization through bright colors revives and enhances the interior design of the same. Proper high-tech air treatment allows to maintain a comfortable environment for people and at the same time to manage the presence of chlorine and other agents avoiding water evaporation. Last but not least, the objective of microperforated ducts is also the treatment of condensation typical of these environments.

High-tech air diffusion systems

Corrosion protection solutions. Regardless of the cduct material chosen for the installation, we offer solutions that protect against corrosive agents.
Anti-condensation treatment of surfaces. By means of calibration and precise orientation of the hole, the presence of condensation on the walls is counteracted.

Total control of air diffusion. In order to maintain a comfortable environment, the diffusion study allows to avoid chlorine stagnation in the air.
Guarantee of comfort in the environment. The correct study of air diffusion maintains a temperature and air speed without alterations or currents for the best comfort of bathers.

Choose the best aesthetic solution for optimal air treatment

High quality air distribution can go hand in hand with aesthetics. Discover below the product lines and their features for more information.

Other systems and technologies available for your project

Discover other solutions to give a breath of innovation to your project.


The Vari-D system has been introduced to manage the air diffusion in an intelligent way, being able to modify the air flow rate and speed. Thanks to the possibility to vary the conditions inside the duct, it is possible to achieve performance and functionality impossible for other fixed geometry diffusion systems, designed for pre-set operating conditions.


Advanced design line to exploit the physical phenomenon of Movement Induced. These diffusers allow to overcome the limits of simple induction, creating controlled movements of the ambient air mass to effectively treat large environments, with the presence of obstacles, irregular shapes and special needs.

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