Microperforated ducts for air diffusion

Microperforated diffusers for comfort in the environment

OneAir microperforated diffusers allow optimal air distribution in small or large rooms for all types of applications such as ventilation, heating, air conditioning and refrigeration. This type of air diffusion, produced by means of a calibrated hole, allows to trigger displacements of large quantities of ambient air, avoiding stratification phenomena and ensuring high environmental comfort to people in civil and industrial environments.  Depending on the peculiarities of each system and the specific needs of customers, microperforated diffusing ducts are available in different materials characterized by their properties.

A meticulous design in every detail

The engineering and design know-how accumulated over the years, the modularity of the ducts and the flexibility of production allow us to always provide a customized technical and aesthetic solution.

Microperforated ducts. The diffusers have different characteristics, shapes and diameters based on the material in which they are made.

Materials. We are always looking for new materials that better meet the needs of customers in the various areas in which we operate.

Patents. To offer a wider choice, we offer different products to our exclusive patent innovative both for their conception and for realization.

Air distribution. Microperforated ducts allow an optimal air distribution in the environment offering ventilation, heating, air conditioning and refrigeration.

Technology. The design and production of our microperforated ducts are based on technologically advanced software and machinery that offer quality and precision.

Installation. Depending on the type and shape, the microperforated ducts have different suspension systems that make the installation easy and effective according to the environment.

Maintenance. All ducts, regardless of the material, should have regular cleaning and maintenance for their best performance and maintenance over time.

Warranty. All diffusers enjoy long service life and are not subject to deterioration. Materials may have additional treatment to improve performance.