Sports centers

Sports halls and gyms

Stadiums and sports halls normally welcome a large number of people so an excellent distribution of the treated air is essential to ensure the comfort of an ideal stay in these spaces, often characterized by high installation heights. In sports centers or gyms it is important to maintain a properly air-conditioned environment, healthy and dry to ensure the practice of workouts without drafts. A safe and healthy indoor climate is therefore created and maintained with an appropriate system of microperforated ducts, adding a touch of style thanks to the different colors and possible shapes that allow to treat all the spaces, even with unusual configurations.

High-tech air diffusion systems

Control of high installation heights. A precise technical calculation allows to correctly manage an air diffusion from considerable heights.
Versatile aesthetic solution. Ducts of each material can have any color of the RAL scale to offer an aesthetic note if necessary.

Guarantee of comfort in the environment. The study of diffusion in the environment provides for the guarantee of the comfort of all people, athletes or spectators, on the playing field and on the stands at high altitude.
Variation of the remaining speeds. Set the remaining speed at different heights according to the sport activity.

Choose the best aesthetic solution for optimal air treatment

High quality air distribution can go hand in hand with aesthetics. Discover below the product lines and their features for more information.

Other systems and technologies available for your project

Discover other solutions to give a breath of innovation to your project.


Omnia is the latest expression of OneAir research and development, based on a modern concept that sees the plant as a single organ characterized by the continuous interaction and communication of its parts instead of a simple series of elements side by side.


The transparency of the technopolymer allows the air diffusion system to be integrated with the lighting system. Through an LED, white or multicolor, placed inside the diffuser, this product can suggest pleasant and effective solutions in environments where aesthetics play a fundamental role.

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