Techno-polymer microperforated ducts

Technopolymer microperforated ducts: a modern and refined design

Oneair is not limited to "classic" materials and develops a new material for air diffusion: technopolymer. Unique in the world of air diffusion, technopolymer micro-perforated ducts guarantee maximum lightness together with solidity and shape stability. With or without LED light integration, they are the perfect solution in retrofitting applications in low lift ceilings and for aggressive environments such as swimming pools, SPA, tensile structures, etc. The ease of maintenance and the possibility of integrating the lighting system, increase the possibilities of application for this patented and innovative product.


➤ Any length possible thanks to the modular system
➤ Standard length modules with pin-box
➤ Available diameters from 350mm to 900mm
➤ Assembly via One-Lock system


➤ Logo application by microperforation
➤ White or RGB dimmable LED light

Available shapes


Available colours

Features and benefits


Easy handling. The diffusers are easy to install thanks to the lightness of the material and the patented joining system. This allows the installation to be carried out quickly and at a low cost.

Versatility. In the Lumina version the duct can completely replace the lighting system thanks to the integrated LED, making the product exclusive and innovative. The LED light can be white or multicolor depending on the need of the environment.

Easy transport. The technopolymer diffusers are delivered as open sheets to be assembled quickly on site, in this way transport costs are greatly reduced.

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