Lumina: lighting and air diffusion in a single solution


Lumina was born by the need of architects and designers to minimize the space to be dedicated to technical systems, and the maximum integration of the same in the architectural project. OneAir meets this need by combining the lighting and air diffusion system in a single product, generating two lines with patented technology: advanced techno-polymer diffusers and metal diffusers with integrated LED light. Lumina allows designers to play with the lighting system, through white lights, dimmable, RGB, and at the same time ensuring maximum lighting comfort and air conditioning. The chosen materials are classified flame retardant and therefore can be used in environments of tertiary type with public occupation. The combination of two technical systems in a single product also allows the maximum advantage in terms of energy savings with less on-site interventions and resources thanks to a shorter working time.


➤ Reduction of the installation time

➤ Lite installation

➤ Lighting and HVAC in a single solution

➤ Component reduction for two systems

OneAir Sustainability Rating (OSR)


The shape of the metal diffusers accommodates the lighting in a groove making the module smooth and aesthetically pleasing.


The transparency of the techno-polymer allows to integrate the lighting inside the duct itself. This patented system offers designers and architects different opportunities to study and offer innovative plant design ideas.

Choose the configuration to apply the most suitable technology for your project

Our products and solutions for air diffusion are manufactured in multiple shapes and in a wide range of materials to meet the specific needs of each project. Discover below our proposals and their features.