Inducta and the principle of entrainment


Inducta is the line of products born and based on the principle of entrainment: these are microperforated diffusers that thanks to their ability to "multiply" the air volumes injected allow a good mixing of the air ensuring homogeneity of the environmental conditions. The products of the Inducta line find their ideal application in uniform environments, which do not present particular obstacles or complex shapes and for low installation heights. In the design of this type of speakers we rely on two-dimensional CFD software (2D), going to simulate the operation of each speaker in the free field. The parameterization of the drilling allows to optimize the technological resources, shortening the production time and drastically reducing the waste of raw material.


➤ Optimized production

➤ Simplified design

➤ Reduced lead time

➤ Homogenisation of thermo-hygrometric conditions

OneAir Sustainability Rating (OSR)

The entrainment principle

Entrainment is the physical phenomenon whereby an air jet coming out of a diffuser moves the ambient air initially stationary. The discharged air through the perforation creates micro-vortices by friction with the ambient air mass stationary and drags it in motion. Transferring the kinetic energy it possesses, the air jet moves an ambient air mass many times greater than its own at a low speed. The entrainment rate is directly proportional to the static pressure in the micro-perforated diffuser. Therefore, increasing the static pressure value allows more effective treatment of the environment. The effect of entrainment, thus, is to have the complete homogenization of the thermo-hygrometric conditions of the environment with terminal air velocities compliance with the environmental comfort regulations UNI 10339 - EN 13182.

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