CFD design and analysis

Study and analysis for the diffusion of air in the environment

Our products are used in extremely heterogeneous applications, each situation is unique and requires the correct design and selection of the most suitable product to achieve the desired result. To identify the optimal solution, the technical department uses CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis of various levels of precision and detail, performed with different software, developed both in outsourcing in collaboration with dedicated software houses, both internally with fully in-house R&D. Our software is periodically verified by comparing the results obtained to measurements made on real plants. In this way it is possible to calibrate them and implement more thorough and comprehensive analyses, so as to obtain reliable and reliable results.

CFD analysis and solution design

OneAir has always been committed to finding solutions that in air diffusion best meet the different needs in terms of comfort and obtaining the correct environmental parameters. To this end, we have developed in-house a dedicated software able to simulate the behavior of the air distribution line in order to analyze and verify any critical situations that could arise and demonstrate the efficiency of the chosen air diffusion solution.

The CFD study to support design

We approach each project in two ways. First, we listen to our customers and design a solution according to their specific requirements. Secondly, on request, we provide advice, based on many years of experience in different applications, and a CFD study to demonstrate the efficiency of the chosen air diffusion solution. Each study is then carried out analyzing the specific needs and conditions of each project with the ultimate aim of proving that a microperforated duct studied with competence and engineering know-how will solve any air conditioning challenge.

High-tech air diffusion systems

Excellent performance. Demonstration of the performance of the air diffusion system to ensure optimal design and treatment.
Verification of the air flow model. Verification of air flow parameters, speed and temperature distribution so that they are uniform throughout the room to be treated.

Identification of potential problems. Possibility to detect any and possible criticalities to solve them in the design phase then before production and installation.

We have the experience and know-how to support you in the realization of your project