Movimenta and the principle of Induced Movement


Movimenta is the gamma of advanced design ducts optimized to exploit the physical phenomenon of Induced Movement. Thanks to their particular operation they allow to overcome the limits of simple induction, creating controlled movements of the ambient air mass, in order to effectively treat large environments, with the presence of obstacles, with irregular shapes and special needs. Using Induced Movement allows to reach the maximum possible efficiency for fixed geometry systems. Induced Movement is a complex phenomenon and depends on many factors: the design of the diffusion system with Movimenta therefore requires a more careful and complete approach, using the 3D CFD technique with a more advanced analysis that correlates all the elements.


➤ Advanced design

➤ Tailor-made dispersion system

➤ Advanced performance always guaranteed

➤ Optimization of the number of ducts

OneAir Sustainability Rating (OSR)

The principle of Induced Movement

Microperforated ducts can move a mass of air greater than the supplied air delivered by the system. The Advanced OneAir Engineering (A.O.E.) exploits the working principle of microperforated ducts by creating controlled and stable circulatory motions that involve the entire environment or well-defined areas of the same, allowing the effective treatment of environments that could hinder normal high induction systems. This complex motion of the air that involves the entire environment is called Induced Movement. It is therefore a phenomenon related not only to the sizing and design of the duct but to the whole system. It is influenced by elements such as the shape of the environment, the positioning of the diffusers and the air shots, the presence of obstacles and/or heat sources or other existing systems (underfloor heating, radiant strips, displacers, destratifiers, etc.) and their interactions.

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