Omnia: maximum expression of research and development


Omnia is the latest expression of OneAir research and development, based on a modern concept that sees the plant as a single organ characterized by the continuous interaction and communication of its parts instead of a simple series of elements side by side. The development of Vari-D and OneControl has allowed us to acquire skills in the management of technologically advanced systems, integrating PLC/BMS systems, actuators, sensors, dampers and other components and this has made possible a type of design that, studying the most appropriate configuration and putting in communication the various elements of the HVAC plant, allows to implement different control logics based on customer requests. Omnia must therefore not be seen as a simple set of products but together with the logic and communication systems that will define the functionality of the plant. With Omnia it will be possible, for example, to automate variations on the speakers that respond to particular phases of the production cycle or to have a diagnostic network of sensors that monitor at all times the state of the system, all connected via Mod-BUS to the general PLC of the plant.


➤ Mod-BUS protocol systems

➤ Push integration of the system

➤ Implementation of sensors and controllers

➤ Automation of mode of operation

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