The advantages of in-house textile processing

Having a fabric production workshop inside your home has many advantages. Numerous sewing stations used to process the different elements of which the ducts are composed, qualified staff with experience and sensitivity to the product, performing machines exclusively laser cut to shape the ducts and engrave a micro-cauterized drilling, direct management of production planning and accurate control of the output material. In a nutshell: precision, speed and flexibility, all in favor of excellent product quality.
Our fabric ducts have all the freedom of adaptation needed to meet every application request. They can be circular, semicircular and quarter-circle in shape, offering a wide range of colors, from the classic blue to the most garish yellow. On the fabric can also be printed a pattern or a label chosen by the customer to customize the product to the maximum and make it even more integral part of the design of the room where it will be installed.
The lightness and simplicity of installation definitely characterize these ducts and make them the ideal choice for those looking for a practical and economical solution, as well as those who need a product easily washable and sanitized.

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