Beat absorber system


BAS system (Beat Absorber System)

The Beat Absorber System is a special fabric accessory, designed for application to textile diffusers and manufactured using different fabrics, which reduces the "water hammer" effect at the end of the diffuser, typical in systems characterized by ventilation units without an inverter or soft-start system. This accessory is available in different diameters from 300mm to 1000mm, also applicable to existing textile diffusers.

Accessory applicable on high induction diffuser ducts:

oneair diffusion beat absorber system bas 1

Features and benefits of  BAS system

➤ "Water hammer" damping

This system reduces the impact velocity in the initial start-up phase by up to 80%.

➤ Improved fabric retention

Progressive air entry into the diffuser protects fabric and seams from damage and prolongs fabric life.

➤ More silence

The system also reduces noise caused by diffuser vibrations during start-up.