Air diffusion variation system

VARI-D is a patented system of the latest technology with the aim to guarantee uniformity of the air temperature in the area occupied by people in air-conditioned environments, both in the heating, air-conditioning or ventilation-only phase, all in full compliance with the UNI 10339 standard (aeraulic systems for the well-being purposes).

This air diffusion variation system consists of a microperforated diffuser made of metal, fabric or plastic whose perforation, sized through the use of specific CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) software, is associated with a series of electronic and mechanical adjustments and ensures an optimal level of comfort with identical residual air velocities in summer and winter. The VARI-D system can be managed by both the installer and the end user thanks to the dedicated electronic control unit ONE-CONTROL which can also be controlled remotely.


VARI-D programming and functions

STANDARD: With this setting it is possible to balance the residual air speed in the area occupied by people during the different seasons. The desired level of comfort can thus be reached through two flows called Primary Diffusion and Equilibrium Diffusion, which can be activated individually or together. The section dedicated to Primary Diffusion directs the air flow in the area to be treated, while the section dedicated to Equilibrium Diffusion balances the pressure inside the diffuser to regulate the residual speed on the floor.

Oneair diffusion - Vari-D standard

Standard function

INCREMENTAL: this programming provides a first function, called Powerfull, which allows you to direct, during start-up, the entire range of the ventilation unit towards the occupation area, reaching high residual speeds. This optimizes the times of use of the air conditioning system by reducing the time required to reach the desired level of set-up. Subsequently, it will be possible to pass to the Standard mode with which the flow rate will be modulated, thus entering the maintenance phase with residual speeds corresponding to the optimal comfort values.

Oneair diffusion - Vari-d powerfull

Powerfull function

VARI-D features and benefits

➤ Innovation

Thanks to the ONE-CONTROL panel it is possible to independently manage the duct function, allowing its use directly to the installer or to the end customer, even remotely.

➤ Greater economic and energy savings

The ability to control the flow rate and pressure of the ventilation unit from 30% to 100% of the nominal flow leads to a consequent energy saving of up to 80% on the electrical absorption of the fans, significantly reducing operating costs.

➤ Novelty

The new product design and technology adds value to the environment and the system by improving the functional quality of the system and thus making the final result of greater value.

➤ Installation optimisation

The VARI-D system allows you to cover a wide area of expertise by managing high flow rates with just one duct, thus reducing the number of diffuser ducts to be installed in the same room and therefore the cost of labour and material.

Oneair diffusion - Vari d render